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Bryan Rosensteel, US Federal CTO, Ping Identity

In an interview with Bryan Rosensteel, US Federal CTO of Ping Identity, conducted by Francis Rose at TechNet Cyber, the discussion focused on identity management and its role in the Defense Department’s zero trust strategy. Rosensteel highlighted that agencies are improving their understanding of identity, moving beyond the narrow view of credentials to encompass tools, processes, and systems that enable the right person to access the right resource at the right time. This shift aligns with the principles of zero trust and necessitates cultural changes in how identity is perceived. The conversation also touched on the importance of authentication as an enabler of authorization, the adoption of attribute-based access control, and the need for granular access control mechanisms. Additionally, the interview emphasized the significance of proper data tagging and understanding for effective implementation of identity and access controls. Successful organizations were noted to standardize authentication through federation and prioritize data protection.

This interview appeared on Innovation in Government from TechNet Cyber presented by Carahsoft


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