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Dave Donnelly, Area Vice President, DoD/NSP/Aerospace – Splunk

In an interview with Francis Rose at TechNet Cyber, Dave Donnelly, the area vice president for DoD/NSP/Aerospace at Splunk, discussed the challenges and expectations related to the Department of Defense’s execution of the joint warfighting cloud capability contract as a multi-cloud platform. Donnelly highlighted the importance of visibility, security monitoring, and user experience in the cloud environment. He emphasized the need to implement a zero trust framework while ensuring ease of access for end users. Donnelly also mentioned the significance of digital resilience, incorporating legacy applications into modern cloud computing, and the practicality of cloud adoption based on specific requirements. He acknowledged that the journey towards implementing these strategies may take longer than expected, especially considering the diverse range of users in the Defense Department. Donnelly concluded by emphasizing the need for enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities in a multi-cloud environment.

This segment appeared on Innovation in Government from TechNet Cyber presented by Carahsoft

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