Strategic Innovations at the Air Force

Air Force Chief Information Officer Venice Goodwine introduces her leadership team and details their collaborative efforts in advancing the Air Force’s artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity initiatives.

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Navy Under Secretary Outlines Key Priorities for 2025

Erik Raven, the Under Secretary of the Navy, detailed key initiatives in the 2025 budget that prioritize readiness, personnel welfare, and industry partnerships

Vice Chief of Naval Operations Highlights Strategic Initiatives for Enhanced Naval Efficiency and Learning

Vice Chief of Naval Operations ADM James Kilby discussed the Navy's strategic approach to becoming a more effective learning organization.

The Critical Evolution of Supply Chain Management in Business Reputation and Resilience

Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO and founder of Interos, highlighted the heightened relevance of supply chain management in today's business environment, particularly post-pandemic.

Transforming Healthcare with AI

John Larson, Executive Vice President & Catherine Ordun, Vice President, AI, Booz Allen explore the vast potential of AI in addressing global challenges such as healthcare costs and climate change.

Data-Driven Transformation in Federal Acquisition

Sagar Samant , ACIO Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) at GSA discusses the journey of integrating technology with security, data, and cloud services at FAS, GSA.

Leveraging Data for Seamless Veteran Care

Joseph D'Auria, Director of Data Analytics at VA shares insights on using data to enhance veteran care at the VA. Focusing on federated enterprise and summit data platforms, D'Auria outlines efforts to provide seamless services to veterans, caregivers, and internal stakeholders.

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Innovation in Government

Innovation in Government at HIMSS 2024 is a program that shines a spotlight on the transformative intersection of healthcare, technology, and government. As we navigate through this era of unprecedented digital evolution, our program delves into the critical themes shaping the future of healthcare: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and the drive towards seamless interoperability across healthcare systems.

Charting the Course for Responsible AI Use

Terry Halvorsen, Vice President, Federal Client Development at IBM, and former Chief Information Officer at the Department of Defense, emphasizes the Pentagon's focus on responsible AI use.

Empowering the Future of Nuclear Deterrence

Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe, Director of the U.S. Navy's Strategic Systems Programs, discusses the importance of talent development for sustaining America's nuclear deterrent.

Enhancing Security for Medical Devices in the VA's Network

Amber Pearson, Deputy CISO at the VA, discusses the critical challenge of securing a rapidly expanding array of medical devices connected to the network.


Bridging the Gap: The Future of Onshore Microelectronics

Dr. Dev Shenoy, Principal Director for Microelectronics at the United States Department of Defense, discusses the establishment of the Microelectronics Commons, an initiative aimed at addressing the challenges of transforming research into viable prototyping within the microelectronics field.

CMS's Strategy for Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Andrea Fletcher, Chief Digital Strategy Officer at Digital Service at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), underscores the agency's commitment to fostering digital transformation within the fragmented U.S. healthcare system.

Steve Kearney_sas

Empowering Decision-Making and Streamlining Workflows with Analytics

Steve Kearney, Global Medical Director at SAS, discussed the transformative impact of analytics and AI within federal agencies and healthcare systems.

Accenture Podcast_social

Transforming Public Service: The Human by Design Approach

Michael Gavin is Managing Director, and Lauren Oliver, Growth and Strategy Lead, Customer Experience at Accenture Federal Services, delve into the concept of transitioning federal services towards a more human-centric design approach.


Radical Collaboration for AI Advancement

Gaurav Pal, CEO & Co-Founder of stackArmor and Teresa Carlson, General Catalyst Advisor and Investor, discuss the necessity of "radical collaboration" between government and industry to accelerate AI deployment in mission-critical systems.


Accelerating Zero Trust Adoption

Drew Schnabel, VP of Federal at Zscaler, discusses the Department of Defense's (DoD) journey toward adopting zero trust architectures, emphasizing the need for more rapid modernization of its infrastructure and cloud services.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery

Lt. Gen. Telita Crosland, Director of the Defense Health Agency (DHA), shares a visionary approach to modernizing healthcare delivery within the military system, focusing on technology integration and care model innovation to better serve a diverse patient base of over 9.5 million beneficiaries.

Enhancing Veteran Care through Interoperability

Dr. Shereef Elnahal, the Undersecretary for Health at the Department of Veterans Affairs, highlighted the transformative steps the VA is undertaking to improve veteran healthcare through enhanced interoperability.

Empowering Decision-Making and Streamlining Workflows with Analytics

Steve Kearney, Global Medical Director at SAS, discussed the transformative impact of analytics and AI in enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiency within federal agencies and healthcare systems.

The Navy's Data Future: Maneuverability and Decision-Making

Jane Rathbun, CIO at the Navy outlines the Navy's strategy for enhancing data maneuverability and decision-making capabilities. The strategy focuses on optimizing, securing, and deciding, with a particular emphasis on making data ready, transparent, tagged, and usable.

Modernizing Marine Corps Information Operations

LtGen Matthew Glavy, Deputy Commandant for Information, USMC discusses the Marine Corps' priorities in readiness, modernization, and leveraging data for operational success.


Workforce of the Future: A Playbook for Modern Employment

Kimberly Holden, Principal Deputy Associate Director at OPM discusses the "Workforce of the Future Playbook" introduced by OPM, emphasizing its role in transforming federal agencies into model employers.

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CIO - Veterans Affairs

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Brian Conrad

Acting FedRAMP Director


Danny Werfel

Commissioner - IRS

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Gen "DT" Thompson

Vice Chief, Space Operations - Space Force

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