AI Infusion at DHS | Radical Collaboration | AI Exploration at DOE

Explore DHS's AI talent infusion, radical AI collaboration between gov and industry, and the DOE's AI exploration in its "Discovery Zone" on Fed Gov Today.
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Shaping the Future: A Strategic Vision for DISA

ADM Lisa Franchetti, the Chief of Naval Operations, shared her comprehensive vision for the U.S. Navy, emphasizing the triad of priorities: warfighting, warfighters, and foundational support.

Shaping the Future: A Strategic Vision for DISA

Lt. Gen Robert Skinner, Director of DISA, outlined a forward-looking strategy for DISA, aligning closely with the national defense strategy.

ZeroTrust In Depth _promo1 (1080 x 1080 px) -Web

Zero Trust: In Depth

Feb 27th at 8:30p on WJLA 24/7 and YouTube

Accelerating Zero Trust Adoption

Drew Schnabel, VP of Federal at Zscaler, discusses the Department of Defense's (DoD) journey toward adopting zero trust architectures, emphasizing the need for more rapid modernization of its infrastructure and cloud services.

Presented by Zscaler

OPM's Strategic Use of Data for Federal Workforce Strengthening

Catherine Manfre the Chief Transformation Officer at OPM, delves into OPM's strategic initiatives to use data for strengthening the federal workforce.

Progress and Challenges in Presidential Management Agenda

Loren DeJonge Schulman, Associate Director for Performance from OMB discusses the progress and ongoing efforts related to the agency priority goals (APGs) within the context of the PMA.

IRS Embarks on Direct File Transformation: A Leap into the Future

David Padrino, Chief Transformation & Strategy Officer at the IRS discussed the agency's significant strides towards modernization, particularly the launch of the Direct File service.

Bahar Niakan-1

Transforming Employee Experience for Better Mission Delivery

Bahar Niakan, Managing Director at Intact Technology, emphasizes the vital link between employee and customer experience.

Presented by Intact Technology


CMMC Rule Evolution: Industry's Role in Fortifying Cybersecurity

Alex Whitworth, Sales Director at Carahsoft highlighted the pivotal role of the industry in supporting the Department of Defense's CMMC initiative.

Presented by Carahsoft

Ray Holder-1

Incremental Innovation in Government Research

Raymond Holder, Vice President of Digital Growth at Maximus, discusses how digital and data modernization tools can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of federal researchers.

Presented by Maximus

Toan Do

The Transformative Impact of AI in National Defense and Intelligence

Toan Do, VP, US Federal at Collibra highlights the significant role of AI in various sectors, including defense and intelligence.

Presented by Collibra

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