Health Innovation Summit

Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation
June 8, 2023

8:00AM – 4:00PM (ET)


Location: Carahsoft
11493 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, Virginia 20190


Customer expectations are rising. Today, patients expect healthcare to be convenient, accessible and delivered seamlessly. The need to provide high-quality personalized care has never been greater. Patients want convenience, personalization and accessibility in the same way they receive it with online shopping. This need comes at a time where the providers, technology firms, payers, life science services, etc. are experiencing workforce shortages, supply chain disruption, regulatory pressures, requests to reduce cost, economic downtown and inflation, financial losses, competition, and more. So what needs to be done to support both the patients and the provider/technology community to assure quality services and access to quality care?

This Summit will provide government, industry, academia, and the healthcare system as a whole, a future view on healthcare transformation that includes new emerging technologies and innovation; obtaining and analyzing data through AI from various health entities including the patient; sharing how supply change issues are being resolved; developing partnerships across government and industry to improve the health ecosystem; incorporating diversity and equity in all aspects of care; and more.

This year’s Summit is being done in collaboration with HIMSS National and HIMSS National Capital Area Chapter



  • Hear how the Health government agencies are collaborating and Partnering
  • Learn how agencies and industry are re-developing and improving the supply chain
  • Hear how data from multiple sources are being combined to provide clearer, more directive decision making
  • Understand what is driving the changes in the healthcare system
  • Hear from government and industry on what tools and technologies are being used today and planned for the future
  • Understand why new technologies and tools are changing the future of healthcare