Insights from GEOINT 2023: From Maps to Metaverse

GEOINT 2023 is the largest annual gathering of geospatial intelligence professionals in the nation. Put on by USGIF, this year’s theme, "From Maps to Metaverse," reflected the focus on embracing technology beyond traditional geospatial intelligence practices.

GEOINT 2023 highlighted the importance of integrating emerging technologies like AI into geospatial intelligence analysis. This shift aims to move beyond just analyzing images by utilizing other types of information to solve problems proactively. By using AI technologies such as neural nets, deep learning models, and large language models, analysts can gain a better understanding of situations and offer proactive advice.


Collaboration was a key theme at this year’s conference, emphasizing the value of partnerships between industry and government. By leveraging industry expertise, tools, and best practices, government decision-making can be better informed. Transparency, openness, and data hygiene were stressed as essential for successful collaboration. By working together and promoting compatibility between different systems, government agencies can tap into untapped data sources, including "dark data," which holds valuable insights.

Ensuring data access, integrity, and security were significant concerns at GEOINT 2023. Implementing robust data management programs and optimization strategies helps in efficient storage and protection of geospatial intelligence. Giving priority to data hygiene and fostering support across different domains was also emphasized.

GEOINT provided valuable insights into the future of geospatial intelligence. By embracing emerging technologies, encouraging collaboration, and prioritizing data access, integrity, and security, the field of GEOINT is evolving beyond traditional maps. Integration of cutting-edge technologies, collaboration between industry and government, and robust data management practices will shape the future of GEOINT, offering actionable insights for successful missions and national security.


Geospatial Insights from GEOINT:

Tonya Wilkerson, Deputy Director, NGA



Bob Pette, Vice President of Visualization, NVIDIA





John Goolgasian, President, Seerist Federal



Allen Greene, District Leader, BD & Strategic Programs, Veritas Technologies



Rodney Hess, Solution Engineer, Veritas Technologies



Nathan Kundtz, CEO, Rendered.AI



Rob Riegle, Sr. Director, Federal Engineering, VMware