Insights from the EDGE 23 Security Summit

By Francis Rose
Host, Fed Gov Today

At the EDGE23 Security Summit in San Diego, I had conversations with many IT leaders surrounding crucial topics including Zero Trust, Cloud Security, Cyber Crime, AI, and Supply Chain. These conversations shed light on important insights that are worth highlighting.

Zero Trust emerged as a pivotal concept throughout the summit, challenging traditional security architectures. The consensus was that organizations should adopt a holistic approach that assumes no inherent trust, regardless of user location within or outside the network. It was emphasized that Zero Trust is not a standalone solution, but rather a framework that requires collaboration among multiple vendors. This approach enables organizations to achieve enhanced visibility, control, and security across their data assets.

Cloud Security was also a significant focus area, emphasizing the importance of maintaining visibility and control over data regardless of its storage location, whether in private clouds or renowned hyperscale cloud platforms. The shared responsibility model was stressed, with organizations retaining ownership and accountability for their data even when entrusted to cloud providers. Educating customers about their role in data protection was highlighted as crucial in dispelling misconceptions surrounding cloud security.

The potential of AI in managing enterprise data and addressing emerging risks generated great interest. The integration of AI and generative AI techniques demonstrated promising capabilities in tackling complex security challenges. It was emphasized that unified data management across multiple cloud providers and the broader data ecosystem is vital for streamlined risk management and safeguarding critical assets.

Supply Chain Security was also a key topic, acknowledging the vulnerabilities associated with interconnected networks of suppliers and partners. Protecting supply chain integrity and ensuring the security of components and software were underscored as crucial measures in mitigating cyber threats and data breaches.

The EDGE23 Security Summit fostered discussions on critical security topics. The emergence of Zero Trust as a powerful security framework, the importance of comprehensive cloud security and shared responsibility, the potential of AI in risk mitigation, and the significance of securing the supply chain were key takeaways. The conversations emphasized the need for collaboration, education, and proactive measures to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape effectively.

Insights from EDGE23 Security Summit

Vishal Amin - Manager of Security Solutions (US Federal | Defense) - Microsoft Federal

Beth Cappello - Deputy CIO - DHS

Roger Coelho - Vice President of Federal - Corelight
Phil Fuster - Chief Revenue Officer - Hitachi Vantara Federal
Robert Hill - CEO - Cyturus

Jamie Holcombe - CIO - USPTO

Anil Karmel - Co-Founder & CEO - RegScale

Jim Lambert - Area Vice President, Federal Civilian - Okta

Keith Nakasone - Senior Transformation Specialist - VMware

Bill Rowan - Vice President Public Sector - Splunk

Erik Sachwitz - Vice President of Sales - Cellebrite

Michael Saintcross - Sr. Director Federal - BeyondTrust

Michael Stawasz - Deputy Chief of Cyber Crime - DOJ

Bob Stevens - Vice President, Public Sector - GitLab

Chris Townsend - Vice President, Public Sector - Elastic

Don Upson - Founder and Chairman -  Government Business Executive Forum

Barry West - Founder/CEO - West Wing Advisory Services

La Monte Yarborough, Chief Information Security Officer - HHS

Kevin Youngquist - VP, US Public Sector and Healthcare - Veritas Technologies