AI: In Depth - Dr. Gil Alterovitz from VA & Joe Boye from Palo Alto Networks




Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly pivotal in various applications throughout the federal government, according to officials such as Federal Chief Information Officer Clare Martorana and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, who highlight its significance in improving customer experiences and rapid returns on investments within the Defense Department. Virtually every federal agency is actively engaged in AI projects, and this program delves "In Depth" into the forefront of government and industry leaders driving the AI revolution.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Gil Alterovitz, VA


In this interview, Dr. Gil Alterovitz, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and Joe Boye, System Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, discuss the role of AI in improving government services and cybersecurity. They explore the concept of trustworthy AI and how it applies to their respective fields. The conversation also delves into the demand for AI solutions, the iterative nature of AI development, and the potential for AI to enhance decision-making processes.
Joe Boye, Palo Alto Networks


Key Takeaways:

  • Trustworthy AI Framework: The VA has adopted a trustworthy AI framework that emphasizes principles such as purposefulness, fairness, and transparency. It provides a structured approach to evaluate and apply AI solutions across different use cases, ensuring they align with the VA's mission and values.
  • Force Multiplier: AI serves as a force multiplier in various domains. In healthcare, AI can alleviate provider burnout by streamlining administrative tasks, like note transcription and data processing, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care. In cybersecurity, AI enhances decision-making by rapidly analyzing vast amounts of data and providing precise recommendations to defend against threats.
  • Iterative Development: AI solutions require continuous iteration and refinement. This involves assessing data suitability, adapting models to specific environments, and addressing potential biases or adversarial attacks. The VA leverages a network of AI centers for testing and scaling AI applications, allowing for ongoing improvement and adaptation to changing needs.


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