AI: In Depth - Featuring Dimitri Kusnezov from DHS and Dominic Delmolino from AWS




Dimitri Kusnezov, VA Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly pivotal in various applications throughout the federal government, according to officials such as Federal Chief Information Officer Clare Martorana and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, who highlight its significance in improving customer experiences and rapid returns on investments within the Defense Department. Virtually every federal agency is actively engaged in AI projects, and this program delves “In Depth” into the forefront of government and industry leaders driving the AI revolution.


Dimitri Kusnezov, VA

Dive into the world of AI in this exclusive interview with Dimitri Kusnezov, Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the Department of Homeland Security, and Dominic Delmolino, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Technology & Innovation at AWS. Explore the transformative potential of AI across government agencies and industry collaboration.


                                                                                                                                                                                 Dominic Delmolino, AWS

Key Takeaways:

AI's Diverse Applications: AI is permeating every government agency, with a wide array of use cases. Its adoption varies, but the focus is on achieving better, faster, and more efficient outcomes tailored to specific missions.

Tailored AI Solutions: Agencies are realizing the power of using AI solutions that are customized for their unique mission purposes. This approach enhances efficiency and results, whether in law enforcement or other areas.

Data Fusion and Quality: The fusion of government and open-source data is revolutionizing data usage. This shift enables agencies to harness the power of data, improving data quality and allowing for more efficient AI models, leading to better mission outcomes.

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