Bob Genter, President, Defense and Civilian Sector at SAIC

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The move towards multi-cloud environments is gaining momentum across federal agencies. Agency transition plans have some broad similarities; but each agency sees differences in its environments, infrastructures, and personnel that require different plans.

Bob Genter, president of the defense and civilian sector at SAIC, highlights the importance of prioritizing applications for migration and having a clear roadmap for modernization. Genter says organizations that are successful in multi-cloud also focus on the usefulness of data across platforms and leverage tools that work seamlessly across different cloud infrastructures.

Genter also emphasizes that multi-cloud is not just about cost, but also about security and using purpose-built infrastructures for specific use cases. He cites the ability to negotiate better discounts and gain economies of scale through aggregating purchasing power as significant advantages for agencies in multi-cloud environments.

Genter describes the benefits of multi-cloud in detail, and offers advice on the decision-making process behind choosing different infrastructures for different purposes. He also explores the role of systems integrators to help customers make application placement and data management decisions.

Finally, Genter reviews best practices for successful multi-cloud adoption and highlights the importance of having a clear strategy and roadmap for modernization.

Listen to the entire interview above.

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