Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO, Interos

Sponsored by Interos & Carahsoft

In this interview with Francis Rose, Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO of Interos, discusses the challenges faced by federal agencies in ensuring supply chain integrity. She identifies two main challenges: who is responsible for the issue, and where the funding will come from to deal with it.

Jennifer explains that there is no program of record for supply chain risk, despite the existence of executive orders mandating it. She argues that it is a strategic imperative for agencies to shore up their supply chains, not only to protect the country from a national security standpoint but also to protect it from technological and innovation risks, and to provide better service to people putting their lives on the line.

Jennifer tells Francis that technologies to help with supply chain issues exist, but the challenge is getting the funding, responsibility, and authority to implement them effectively.

Jennifer highlights the maturity of organizations, both public and private, as being important in supply chain management. She concludes by arguing that supply chain integrity is not just a security problem but also a risk management problem, and that the two cannot be separated.

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