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Trustworthy AI in Government: Jonathan Alboum’s Insights on AI Implementation

Jonathan Alboum, Federal CTO and Principal Digital Strategist at ServiceNow and former CIO at the Department of Agriculture, discussed the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government agencies. He emphasized the concept of ‘trustworthy AI,’ focusing on demonstrating AI’s potential to healthcare providers and clients. Alboum noted the risks associated with data privacy and reliability in generative AI technologies, suggesting the development of smaller, industry or agency-specific large language models for more reliable results. He stressed the importance of responsibly creating these models with transparency and auditing capabilities. Alboum also highlighted the need to leverage existing technology platforms, integrating AI to enhance value without requiring entirely new tools. He advised agencies to engage in dialogue with employees and customers to address fears and skepticism about AI, ensuring its effective and beneficial application in federal IT.

Key Takeaways

  1. Focus on Trustworthy AI: Implementing AI in government services requires ensuring trust and reliability, particularly in sensitive areas like healthcare.
  2. Need for Specialized AI Models: Smaller, focused large language models tailored to specific agency or industry data can provide more accurate and trustworthy AI outcomes.
  3. Integrating AI with Existing Technology: Agencies should aim to incorporate AI into their existing technology platforms, enhancing their capabilities without the need for new tools. Additionally, open communication with employees and customers is crucial to address concerns and align AI implementation with real-world needs and expectations.



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