Sanjay Poonen, CEO - Cohesity



Data Resiliency in Federal Agencies

Sanjay Poonen, CEO of Cohesity discusses how Federal agencies are undergoing a paradigm shift. With increasing cyber threats, the focus is no longer solely on prevention but on fast and efficient recovery. In this insightful interview, Sanjay Poon sheds light on how agencies can be better prepared for inevitable breaches, emphasizing the speed of cyber recovery, the importance of data protection, and the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Shift from Prevention to Recovery: The new era of cyber defense isn't just about building protective "moats" around data but ensuring swift recovery after a breach.
  2. Data is the New Oil: With data being paramount, protecting it is now the most vital aspect for federal agencies. It's not just about safeguarding organizational operations but ensuring informed decision-making.
  3. Embracing Artificial Intelligence: Traditional backup tools might be inadequate for today's challenges. Leveraging AI can provide agencies an offensive strategy, transforming the way data is protected.

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