Neil Kronimus, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy and Solutions at Maximus



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Neil Kronimus
, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy and Solutions at Maximus, sheds light on the evolving landscape of FedRAMP. With the growing importance of data security and the rapid adoption of cloud services, both agencies and companies grapple with new challenges and seek more efficient and collaborative ways to secure data and serve their missions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. FedRAMP's Changing Landscape: With increasing companies aiming for FedRAMP authorization, there's a notable backlog. Emphasizing automation and faster routes to authorization can better serve agencies and citizens. The original intent of FedRAMP was to achieve an ATO (Authority to Operate) that could be reused by different agencies, a vision not fully realized today.
  2. Hybrid Multi-cloud Evolution: Initially, FedRAMP and cloud services primarily focused on storage. However, the advent of hybrid multi-cloud models offers agencies flexibility and scalability, allowing them to pick and choose services from various cloud providers while retaining some data on-premise. With this flexibility comes the added challenge of managing security across multiple cloud providers, making FedRAMP's role even more vital.
  3. Data's Growing Importance: The explosion of data in recent years has transformed the cloud from just a storage solution to an essential tool for agencies to convert data into actionable insights. This shift demands robust security measures, as data is sourced from a myriad of locations. Looking ahead, continuous monitoring, greater collaboration with FedRAMP, and widespread education are crucial for ensuring the safety and efficient utilization of this data.

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