Jason Adolf, Industry Vice President, Public Sector at Appian



Securing the Future: Jason Adolf on the Rise of Private AI in Government Sector

Jason Adolf, Industry Vice President, Public Sector at Appian discusses the concept of 'Private AI' in the government sector, emphasizing the need for secure and segregated data handling in AI applications. He highlights the common confusion in discerning appropriate use of public versus private AI tools and stresses the importance of platforms that ensure safe data usage. Adolf also touches on the broader queries about AI in government, focusing on AI's role in case management and automation, and how these technologies are becoming integral in federal sectors, including defense, law enforcement, and public health.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Need for Private AI in Government: Emphasis on creating an environment where government data is trained and kept separate from public and other customer data, ensuring confidentiality and security.
  2. Confusion Over AI Application: There's a general uncertainty in government sectors regarding the appropriate use of AI, highlighting the need for platforms that provide a safe and controlled user experience.
  3. Integration of AI with Automation: Discussion on how AI is being used in conjunction with other technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in various government applications, particularly in case management and acquisition.

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