Joe Jeter, Senior Vice President for Federal Technology at Maximus



Bridging Generational Gaps in Government Tech: Joe Jeter on Customer Experience and Digital Innovation

In an interview with Francis Rose, Joe Jeter, Senior Vice President for Federal Technology at Maximus, discussed the challenges and strategies for enhancing customer experience across federal agencies. He highlighted the generational diversity in technology preferences and access, with younger people preferring digital-first interactions and older generations more comfortable with traditional methods like phone calls. To address this, Jeter emphasized the importance of human-centered design, focusing on outcomes rather than specific technologies. He also discussed the role of AI in customizing user experiences and the need for robust cloud and cybersecurity infrastructure to support these initiatives.

Key Takeaways

  1. Generational Diversity in Tech Preferences: Agencies face the challenge of catering to a wide range of preferences, from digital-first younger generations to older ones accustomed to traditional communication methods.
  2. Human-Centered Design Focus: Successful agency strategies start with user-centered design, considering various modes of interaction (phone, digital, hybrid) and focusing on the desired outcomes for different user groups.
  3. Role of AI and Infrastructure: AI plays a critical role in personalizing customer experiences, supported by a strong underlying infrastructure of cloud computing and cybersecurity. This approach allows for efficient and secure customization of services for diverse user needs.

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