Empowering Decision-Making and Streamlining Workflows with Analytics


Presented by SAS & Carahsoft

(Filmed on location at HIMSS24)

Steve Kearney, Global Medical Director at SAS, discussed the transformative impact of analytics and AI in enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiency within federal agencies and healthcare systems. Kearney highlighted SAS's longstanding commitment to delivering analytics solutions, emphasizing the crucial role of data in facilitating more informed decisions. Through a specific example, Kearney illustrated how SAS initiatives, such as medical bookmarking, have significantly reduced workflow times by 85,000 hours, demonstrating the potential for analytics to improve service delivery to citizens and satisfaction among healthcare workers and leaders. He stressed the importance of trust, transparency, and governance in analytics, and the necessity of keeping the patient and citizen at the center of all operations to ensure successful digital transformations in organizations like the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

IMG_2291Key Takeaways:

  1. Longstanding Commitment to Analytics: SAS has been at the forefront of delivering analytics solutions for nearly 50 years, underscoring the importance of utilizing data to make better decisions and operationalize insights in various environments, including federal agencies.

  2. Significant Workflow Improvements: Initiatives like medical bookmarking, which aims to digitize and streamline the handling of PDF documents for healthcare services, have led to dramatic reductions in workflow times, exemplifying how analytics can enhance efficiency and service delivery.

  3. Trust and Transparency in Analytics: Kearney emphasized the critical nature of trust, transparency, and governance in the use of analytics, ensuring that all stakeholders can rely on the data and insights provided to make informed decisions. This approach not only improves workflow but also contributes to the satisfaction of both service recipients and the workforce, moving towards a more efficient and effective decision-making process.

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