Mike Raker, Chief Technology Officer at Maximus


Enhancing Government Customer Experience Through Technology

Presented by Maximus

IMG_4029Mike Raker, Chief Technology Officer at Maximus, focuses on leveraging technology to transform government customer
experience (CX). Raker emphasizes the shift towards multimodal engagement methods, integrating technologies like AI and chatbots to improve service delivery and citizen engagement. He highlights the importance of adapting commercial technologies to meet government needs while navigating unique policy challenges. The discussion underscores the need for a balanced approach between technology adoption and effective change management to ensure successful implementation across federal agencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Multimodal Engagement: Government agencies are increasingly adopting diverse communication channels such as social media and text messaging, mirroring consumer preferences to enhance citizen interactions.

  • Adaptation of Commercial Technology: Integrating technologies from the private sector requires addressing unique government policy and accessibility requirements, necessitating collaborative efforts between industry and government.

  • Balanced Approach to Implementation: Successful deployment of emerging technologies like AI and chatbots requires equal focus on change management and user education to maximize effectiveness and ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

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