Kristine Korva, Human Capital Offering Portfolio Leader at Deloitte


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Enhancing Human Sustainability in the Public Sector

IMG_3254Kristine Korva, the Human Capital Offering Portfolio Leader at Deloitte, explores the concept of human sustainability in the public sector. She describes it as a strategic focus on enhancing employee well-being, skills, and overall employability to ensure organizational success. Korva highlights similarities in workforce challenges across both public and private sectors, advocating for environments that encourage creativity and adaptability to technological disruptions, such as AI.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Human sustainability involves investing in the well-being and development of employees to boost organizational productivity.

  2. Both public and private sectors face similar challenges, requiring similar strategic interventions.

  3. Emphasis on creating a supportive culture that encourages innovation and adaptation to new technologies like AI.

Link: 2024 Public Sector Human Capital Trends

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