Matt Mandrgoc, Head of U.S. Public Sector at Zoom

Originally aired 4/28/30


Enhancing Government Customer Experience through Technology

IMG_3156Matt Mandrgoc, Head of U.S. Public Sector at Zoom, explored the challenges federal agencies face in improving infrastructure to enhance customer experience, as mandated by the President’s Management Agenda. He emphasized the struggle with outdated systems and the importance of implementing technologies that foster inclusivity and improve both employee and customer experiences. Mandrgoc highlighted several successful implementations, such as virtual recruiting and low-bandwidth solutions, that have positively impacted agency operations.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Federal agencies need to replace legacy systems with scalable, user-friendly technology.
  2. A strategic approach is essential, focusing on why technologies are implemented to enhance customer and employee experiences.
  3. Continuous feedback and adjustments are crucial to aligning technological upgrades with user needs.



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