Seth Abrams, Chief Technology Officer, Homeland and Force Protection at Leidos



Harnessing AI for Enhanced Enterprise Operations

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Presented by Leidos

Seth Abrams, Chief Technology Officer, Homeland and Force Protection at Leidos, discusses the evolving role of artificial intelligence (AI) in federal agencies. He emphasizes the need for agencies to focus on mission results when adopting new technologies, ensuring that existing quality controls are maintained. Abrams highlights the benefits of applying Trusted Mission AI in handling large data sets and improving
developer productivity, which can significantly enhance code quality and security.

Abrams explains the importance of establishing guardrails for AI experimentation, as well as the need to focus on technology anticipation, given the speed at which AI is moving. He
describes the Leidos Framework for AI Resilience and Security at Leidos, which provides a structured approach for agencies to integrate AI responsibly. Abrams also addresses the dual challenges of leveraging AI for agency efficiency while
defending against adversaries using similar technologies.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI adoption should focus on mission results and maintain established quality controls.
  • AI excels in managing large data sets and enhancing developer productivity.
  • Establishing guardrails for AI experimentation is crucial for responsible innovation and security.

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