Terry Halvorsen, VP, Federal Client Development at IBM


Original broadcast - 3/31/24

Charting the Course for Responsible AI Use

IMG_9783Terry Halvorsen, Vice President of Federal Client Development at IBM and former Chief Information Officer at the Department of Defense (DoD) sat down with Francis Rose and a recent episode of Fed Gov Today. The discussion centers on the alignment of agencies, particularly the DoD, with President Biden's executive order on responsible AI use. Halvorsen emphasizes the critical importance of having high-quality, auditable data as a foundation for AI applications, a principle strongly supported by the Pentagon through additional guidelines. These efforts aim to ensure AI technologies are employed responsibly, maintaining human oversight in sensitive areas such as decision-making in military contexts. The dialogue reveals an ongoing commitment to integrating AI in a manner that supports the DoD's mission while adhering to ethical standards and processes, highlighting the Pentagon's approach to keeping humans in the loop, especially in discussions about lethality.

Further insights from the discussion with Halvorsen reveal the DoD's comprehensive strategy towards operationalizing AI, focusing on five components of responsible AI: equitable, traceable, reliable, governable, and transparent usage of data and technology. This approach underscores the importance of governance and transparency in AI deployment, enabling accountability and understanding of AI's role and outcomes within the DoD and among its partners. The conversation also touches on the global perspective, noting efforts by allied defense agencies to adopt similar principles, suggesting a concerted international effort towards responsible AI use in defense. Halvorsen's remarks underline the DoD's cautious yet proactive steps in AI integration, aiming for mission enhancement without compromising ethical standards or operational integrity.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Quality, auditable data is foundational to responsible AI, aligning with the Pentagon's mission requirements.

  2. The Pentagon's guidelines on AI use highlight the importance of maintaining human oversight, particularly in critical decision-making processes.

  3. Collaboration with industry and adherence to ethical guidelines are central to the Pentagon's strategy for AI, reflecting a comprehensive approach to technology adoption.


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