Leveraging AI and ML for Enhanced Navy and Marine Corps Operations


IMG_1669-1Matt Schmitt, Mission Account manager for the US Navy and Marine Corps at ServiceNow, sat down with Francis Rose during West 2024, he emphasized the importance of understanding the core problems that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are intended to solve within the military context. Schmitt highlighted that AI and ML should be seen as tools to achieve faster decision-making, improved data analysis, and more efficient dissemination of information. He stressed the significance of ensuring that data is not only accessible but also presented in a way that is consumable and actionable for those across different levels of the services. Schmitt's perspective suggests a practical approach to AI and ML, focusing on tangible benefits and avoiding the pitfalls of overhyped technology promises.

Furthermore, Schmitt addressed the potential risks associated with overpromising the capabilities of AI and ML technologies, especially in military applications. He underscored the importance of setting realistic expectations and delivering dependable solutions that meet the specific needs of warfighters. This approach helps prevent scenarios where military personnel might find themselves relying on technologies that fall short of their promises. Schmitt also touched on the concept of scope creep and the necessity of maintaining a clear focus on use cases to achieve desired outcomes. His insights reflect a broader shift in discussions around technology deployment in the military, from abstract concepts to practical, outcome-oriented applications.

Key Takeaways:

    1. The importance of defining clear use cases for AI and ML applications.
    2. The potential risks of overpromising and underdelivering on technology capabilities.
    3. The significance of staying focused on actionable outcomes from data analysis.



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