Navy WX data; DoD zero trust pilot; Coast Guard CDO on data workforce


From West 2023 in San Diego, CA, sponsored by Carahsoft.

Three weather operations provide data for the Navy. Those operations include Fleet Weather Centers in Norfolk, VA and San Diego, and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Oahu. Captain Kate Hermsdorfer, Commanding Officer for Fleet Weather Center San Diego, tells me who her command’s customers are, and what her command does for them.





The Department of Defense is working on a zero trust pilot that it says could cut its zero trust journey from five years to one. The director of the Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office, Randy Resnick, says the department will run the pilot in conjunction with the four vendors on the JWCC contract. Brian O'Donnell, Vice President of Sales at Carahsoft says at West 2023 this year cyber, as always, is top of mind for defense IT practitioners.



The Coast Guard’s data modernization strategy includes elements of cloud computing and other information technology pieces. But the Chief Data Officer of the Guard says people are an important part of that strategy too. At West 2023, Coast Guard CDO Capt. Brian Erickson tells me investing in his workforce is important to the Guard’s data success.



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