Tech’s role in strategic competition; Federal CIOs gathering; new CX pilots from OMB

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Brig. Gen. Denise Brown is in her seventh month as the Director of the Army’s Networks and Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Services and Integration. One of her primary jobs is to move the Army’s Unified Network Plan forward. At AFCEA DC’s most recent luncheon event, BG Brown explains her team’s role in strategic competition.

The E-Gov Act is 20 years old now. Six of the seven former Federal Chief Information Officers and E-Gov Administrators gathered recently for an exclusive conversation about the past, present, and future of federal I-T. That hour-long conversation is available
exclusively at, featuring Mark Forman, Karen Evans, Steve VanRoekel, Tony Scott, Suzette Kent, and the current Federal CIO, Clare Martorana. This special presentation is sponsored by Denodo. In today’s highlight, Clare Martorana says the work her predecessors did set the table for progress the government makes under her watch.

The Office of Management and Budget will run pilot projects to support
nine citizen life experiences. OMB says the pilots build on President Biden’s customer experience executive order. Loren DeJonge Schulman, Associate Director for Performance and Personnel Management at OMB, reviews the nine experiences and the ways OMB will measure their performance.


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AFCEA DC Ukraine/Russia luncheon March 22, 2023

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