Hitting the AI gas pedal; matching money to the PMA; the Pentagon’s civilian people problem


Government leaders should - and can - move faster to deploy artificial intelligence solutions, according to a group of industry leaders. Those leaders tell me generative AI will enable government to do a lot more than it’s doing today. Angela Sheffield, Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence at Raft, and former Senior Program Manager for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the National Nuclear Security Administration, tells you how the government can fully realize the potential of AI.

New budget guidance from the Biden Administration outlines how it will align the money it’s asked Congress for with its President’s Management Agenda. It’s titled “Delivering a High Performance Government.” Chris Mihm, Adjunct Professor of Public Administration at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and former Managing Director for Strategic Issues at the Government Accountability Office, explains what agencies should look for as Congress and the administration work toward a FY24 budget.

The Defense Department is operating in a “war for talent”, according to the Defense Business Board. The Board says the Pentagon’s talent acquisition process has to change in a number of ways. Deborah Lee James, Chair of the Defense Business Board, 23rd Secretary of the Air Force, and author of “Aim High, Chart Your Course and Find Success”, reviews the findings of the Board’s work on the civilian talent pipeline at DoD, and what the department should do next.


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