Cyber collabs go into overdrive; TSP cuts the cord on its legacy IT; VA takes a crack at realigning its infrastructure

The Chief Information Officer of the Defense Department says the Pentagon now has enterprise cloud computing capabilities at all three security levels. John Sherman told Congress last week that capability will be a key tool in implementing its zero trust strategy. Brig. Gen. Paul Fredenburgh (USA ret.), Executive Vice President for the National Security and Defense Engagement Department for AFCEA International, former deputy commander of Joint Force Headquarters DoDIN, and former Director of C4 for IndoPaCom, tells you how the Pentagon, DISA, and Cyber Command will strategize their cyber future at TechNetCyber next month .


The Thrift Savings Plan is cutting the cord on the legacy system its new Converge record keeping system replaced. And the TSP will look at new choices it may be able to give you soon. Kim Weaver, Director of External Affairs for the TSP, updates you on the Converge transition, how the TSP is handling your PII, and how it’s examining options a new law provides for.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is rethinking how it provides care to veterans. That rethinking includes how it will modernize and restructure its infrastructure. Sharon Silas, Director of the Health Care team at the Government Accountability Office, reviews work her team has released, looking at how VA is planning that rethinking.


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