Keeping the Navy running on time; the sea services lean hard into modernization mode; the Commandant of the Coast Guard in a race for talent


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The U.S. Naval Observatory says its mission is to “define and apply the physical environment, from the bottom of the ocean to the stars.” The Observatory is only a few years away from its 200th birthday. At Sea-Air-Space 2023 this week, Geoff Chester, Chief Historian of the Naval Observatory, tells me about the unique place the Observatory holds in naval history.

Two common themes run through the comments leaders of the sea services made at Sea-Air-Space this week. All of the service chiefs mentioned modernization and people in the Chiefs Panel I hosted to kick off Sea-Air-Space on Monday. Mike McCalip, Vice President for Government Programs & Strategy at Carahsoft, lists the topics he heard the most about from the military leaders in attendance.


The Coast Guard is dealing with the same recruiting and retention challenges as the other military services. The Commandant of the Coast Guard says her service is investing in finding new people. In an exclusive conversation with Fed Gov Today at Sea Air Space 2023 this week, Admiral Linda Fagan calls the Guard’s personnel situation a race for talent.


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