Supply Chain Integrity: The Future of Software Security


This edition of Fed Gov Today is sponsored by Interos and Carahsoft.


April is Supply Chain Integrity Month. The theme this year is  “Supply Chain Risk Management: The Recipe for Resilience.” Devin Lynch, Director of Supply Chain and Technology Security in the Office of the National Cyber Director, wrote a blog post about the recipe, and joined me to dig deeper into it.


Federal agencies have a two-sided challenge with supply chain integrity. They’re working on internal-facing, and external-facing, supply chain issues. Jennifer Bisceglie, Chief Executive Officer of Interos, discussed how agencies can manage both at the same time.


Devin Lynch covered some of the ingredients in the “Recipe for Resilience” that forms the theme of Supply Chain Integrity Month. And he called out the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency as one of ONCD’s partners in the effort. Jack Cable, senior technical advisor at CISA, helped me understand his agency’s role.


You’ve heard my guests talk about
the role of the intelligence community in the integrity of the supply chain. Jeanette McMillian, Assistant Director of the Supply Chain and Cyber Directorate at the National Counterintelligence and Security Center in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, reviewed what the IC has to offer the supply chain integrity effort.


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