The AI revolution that’s only getting started; the transformation coming to the IRS


The Chief Information Officer of Space Systems Command, Col. Jennifer Krolikowski, says she’s “cautiously optimistic” about generative artificial intelligence. DefenseScoop reports military services are just one part of the government deciding how they want to use the technology. CDR Juliana Vida (USN ret.), chief strategy advisor at Splunk and former Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Navy, reviews how generative AI snuck up on people, and how tech leaders can stay ahead of the curve.


The Internal Revenue Service will get what it calls a “historic opportunity” to modernize its operations through the Inflation Reduction Act. The agency’s IRA Strategic Plan details what, and who, it will spend the money on. Danny Werfel, Commissioner of the IRS, tells you how many people he can hire, what they’ll do, and what technology the agency can transform with the IRA money.



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