New FedRamp guidelines: what they mean, what’s next; a new roadmap for digital modernization; the TSP takes a page from the PMA


The next evolution of FedRamp is here. A new blog post at is titled “Revision 5 Baselines Have Been Approved and Released.” Dave Wennergren, CEO of ACT-IAC & former Chief Information Officer of the Navy, former Deputy Defense Department CIO, and former assistant Deputy chief Management Officer at DOD, explains what the new guidelines mean, and what comes next for industry and agencies.


Agencies and other stakeholders have a new list of action items to make their digital modernization efforts work. David Powner, Executive Director of the Center for Data-Driven Policy at MITRE and former Director of IT Issues at the Government Accountability Office, writes about them with his colleague Nitin Naik, and he tells you what’s on the roadmap they’ve written, and how agencies can navigate it.


The Thrift Savings Plan is taking a page out of the President’s Management Agenda. It’s reshaping its customer experience organization to serve TSP participants better. Kim Weaver, Director of External Affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, tells you why the FRTIB has unveiled its new Office of Participant Experience, and what it will do.



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