5 pillars to help special operators; widening the supply chain pipeline for DoD; maximizing AI for customer experience


On the latest episode of the Innovation In Government television show from SOF Week, you learned about five pillars the Operator Relief Fund bases its help around for Special Operators. The pillars are sleep; alcohol; hormones; nutrients; and psychological. At SOF Week, I asked Derek Nadalini, Beneficiary Advocate for the Operator Relief Fund, how his group settled on those five pillars.


Defense department leaders say their supply chains are one of their most important priorities. A lot of the discussion focuses around the continuity of those supply chains, but capacity is becoming more important too, according to those leaders. Jerry McGinn, Executive Director of the Baroni Center for Government Contracting at George Mason University and former Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base, writes about the DIB in Breaking Defense, and tells you more about his prescription for the supply chain.


The Chief Information Officer of the United States says she is “super optimistic” about the potential of artificial intelligence for citizen experience. She describes a numbers game that could deliver big impact for citizens. Pam Isom, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IsAdvice & Consulting, former Executive Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office, and former Deputy Chief Information Officer at the Energy Department, offers ideas to maximize that potential.


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