New vs old cyber crime ; a 2-year path to data collaboration; Zero Trust future at HHS


This edition of Fed Gov Today, from the Edge23 Security Summit in San Diego, is sponsored by Hitachi Vantara Federal and Carahsoft.


The Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section at the Justice Department is more than halfway through its third decade fighting cyber crime. It’s taken down some of the biggest dark web and cyber crime organizations in the world. Mick Stawasz is Deputy Chief for Computer Crime at CCIPS. At Edge23, I asked him how the threat landscape is changing.


You heard Mick Stawasz talk about the evolution of cyber crime, and what he and his team are doing to stay competitive. The key element, though, may not be technological. Phil Fuster is Chief Revenue Officer at Hitachi Vantara Federal. At Edge 23, I asked him what agencies should do to defend against cyber crime better.


The Federal Government Zero Trust Strategy includes deadlines for goals agencies have to meet by next September. The goals come out of the Zero Trust Maturity Model from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. La Monte Yarborough is Chief Information Security Officer at the Department of Health and Human Services. At Edge23, I asked him about where HHS came from, and where it’s going, on its zero trust journey.


Photo: HHS CISO La Monte Yarborough at Edge 23 in San Diego

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