Supply Chain Solutions at VA | DHS’s Zero Trust Journey | The Future Workforce Roadmap


The Department of Veterans Affairs is moving to a new supply chain management solution. The agency’s solicitation has been on the street for a couple weeks now. Greg Giddens, Partner at Potomac Ridge Consulting and former Principal Executive Director of the Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction at VA, tells you what he sees in the solicitation, and what he reads between the lines.


The Department of Homeland Security is on a zero trust journey like the rest of the federal government. On the newest edition of Fed Gov Today TV, I ask the Chief Information Security Officer at DHS, Ken Bible, where his agency is on its journey.


2023 is the 45th anniversary of the Civil Service Reform Act that established the Senior Executive Service. Data about the SES shows some important trends. Max Stier, President and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, tells what the data show, and what he thinks it means.



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