Changes for 8(a)s | Space Force Red Tape | A Decade of DevSecOps


Big changes are coming to the 8(a) program at the Small Business Administration. Vendors will soon have to tell their own stories about why they should be in the program. Joe Jordan, President and CEO of Actuparo and former Administrator of Federal Procurement Policy, explains why both contractors and SBA could have some trouble ahead.


The newest service in the military is preparing to battle the nation’s adversaries if it ever becomes necessary. But the Space Force is battling an internal challenge too. The Vice Chief of Space Operations, Gen. David “DT” Thompson (USSF), says the service has to deal with what he calls “bureaucratic inertia.” On the newest edition of Fed Gov Today TV, I ask him how that fight is going.


Civilian and national security agencies are speeding up the use of DevSecOps for software. That software is fueling both mission delivery and back-office functions. Paul Puckett is Chief Technology Officer at Clarity. He’s former Director of the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency at the Army. I introduced Paul on stage as the keynote speaker at the Carahsoft DevSecOps Conference on Thursday. After his speech, titled “Keep/Start/Stop: Retro On A Decade Of DSO”, I asked him what message he wanted to convey in his remarks.


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