How "Government Can Deliver" | Cyber Workforce Strategy


The Office of Management and Budget is working on a 10-year plan to modernize federal IT. Chris DeRusha, the Federal Chief Information Security Officer, says legacy system modernization is “the number one biggest rock that needs to get moved for us to be able to secure our systems.” Richard Spires, principal at Richard A. Spires Consulting and former Chief Information Officer at the Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service, is author of “Success in the Technology Field.” His new book is titled “Government Can Deliver”, and he explains what’s in the book that can help with the tech modernization the government is undertaking.


The Defense Department’s Cyber Workforce Strategy has a new implementation plan to guide the department’s execution of the strategy. That implementation plan includes four goals the department believes will guide its success. Mark Gorak, Principal Director for Resources & Analysis in the office of the Chief Information Officer at the Defense Department, explains the four goals, how the department will hit them, and how it will measure progress.


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