Shutdown Impact on Procurement | New Mission at NGA | More CX in the PMA


A government shutdown wouldn’t just stop work for the two point one million federal employees of the government. It would stop work on almost all the contracts that almost all the contractors that work for the government work on. Soraya Correa, Executive Director of the Contract Management Institute at the National Contract Management Association, and former Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of Homeland Security, tells you what has to happen if a shutdown impacts government acquisition. 

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will drive toward five strategic objectives. Those objectives (enhance operational readiness; attract and develop your workforce; build resiliency by strengthening partnerships; strengthen stewardship of GEOINT resources; accelerate technology acquisition and integration) will push the agency to what its Director, Vice Admiral Frank Whitworth, calls “a new mission and end state.” VADM Whitworth tells you what’s coming to meet each of those five objectives.


New updates to the President’s Management Agenda include bringing more customer experience professionals into government, faster. OMB’s Loren Dejonge Schulman told you about them on Fed Gov Today TV recently. Chris Mihm, Adjunct Professor of Public Administration at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and former Managing Director for Strategic Issues at the Government Accountability Office, explains what’s new - and what’s missing - in the updates to the PMA.

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