A 10-Year Digital Roadmap | NSF Data Management Strategy |



A 10-year roadmap for agency digitization is out from the Office of Management and Budget. The guidance is called “Delivering a Digital-First Public Experience.” Suzette Kent, CEO of Kent Advisory Services and former Federal Chief Information Officer, explains what’s in it, and what it means for agencies and the government as a whole.


“Data as a strategic asset” is not a new term in the federal government. But the kinds of data agencies are tracking, collating, and using to make decisions is growing - fast. Dorothy Aronson, Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer at the National Science Foundation, describes how the nature of data management is changing at NSF, and how her technology infrastructure and workforce are changing with it.


The Thrift Savings Plan has set a new record. More people are bringing their money into the TSP than ever before. Kim Weaver, Director of External Affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, tells you how that happened, and why. She also explains the impact of the potential shutdown on TSP participants, and how to learn more about the shutdown’s impact on the TSP.


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