Not Everyone Gets an A | Responsible AI | AI Landscape at DoD


Three agencies have As on the new FITARA scorecard. And eight agencies have better grades on this scorecard than they did on the last one. David Powner, Executive Director of the Center for Data-Driven Policy at MITRE and former Director of IT Issues at the Government Accountability Office, reviews the new grades and changes to the scorecard; compares those changes to the ones an ACT-IAC all-star team (including Dave) has proposed; and what he thinks should come next for the scorecard.

Four components make up an “artificial intelligence accountability framework” from the Government Accountability Office. Those four components include data; governance; performance; and monitoring. Taka Ariga, Chief Data Scientist and Director of the Innovation Lab at GAO, tells you how his team identified those components, and how end users should use the framework.

The Defense Department’s artificial intelligence efforts are coalescing around the DoD Data Strategy. Every part of the department is executing on that data strategy. Dan Folliard, Chief Digital and AI Officer at U.S. Special Operations Command, details what he’s doing at SOCOM, and how he’s doing it; and how SOCOM is a microcosm of the broader Department of Defense


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