Government's AI Journey | Task Force Lima


Federal CIO Clare Martorana says AI will be an important part of the federal government’s Customer experience efforts. One of the agencies using AI to improve the experience of the people it serves is the Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Gil Alterovitz is Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at the VA. Joe Boye is System Engineer for Palo Alto Networks. They both were guests on the new Fed Gov Today TV special, “AI In Depth”. In this highlight of that show, I ask them about success in serving agency customers, whether internal or external, with AI.

A new task force is working on the generative AI challenge inside the Defense Department. Task Force Lima is part of the Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Office at the Pentagon. Lt. Col. Pedro Ortiz of Task Force Lima tells me about the mission of the task force, and his role in that mission.




Links Mentioned on the Pod: 

ServiceNow “Modern Logistics & Maintenance” event, November 8, 2023

Appian Government event, November 29, 2023


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