Redefining Healthcare with Trustworthy AI: Generative Intelligence and the Power of Digital Twins

This interview was presented by Leidos as part of the Artificial Intelligence at Veterans Affairs special podcast series

The future of healthcare is being redefined by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). VA leaders have been vocal about their pursuit of "trustworthy AI", emphasizing its importance in ensuring both professionals and patients understand and trust the technology. One notable voice in this conversation is  Narasa Susarla, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lead, Chief Architect and Chief Engineer of the Health Group, at Leidos,. She sheds light on the transformative power of generative AI, its potential risks, and the groundbreaking concept of "digital twins" in healthcare.

Generative AI has democratized the use of AI, transitioning it from the hands of experts to everyday users. This simplifies administrative tasks and enhances user experience. However, it's essential to be mindful of the inherent risks, especially the need for transparency and the challenges of biases and discrimination.

The topic of digital twins has garnered much attention. These are intelligent, semi-autonomous virtual representations of physical entities, created using AI and ML technologies. They can mimic real-world objects, patients, or entire systems, and can significantly impact personalized medicine. The Leidos biomedical research team has even utilized digital twins in their study of cancer.

Beyond patient treatment, AI can optimize hospital operations, from predicting patient activity to planning capacity, ensuring efficient and smooth healthcare delivery.







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