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A 3-Pronged Approach to Solving Cyber at Sea:
The Navy is celebrating a cyber anniversary. The service’s
Cyberspace Superiority Vision document turns one year old this month. Chris Cleary is the Principal Cyber Advisor of the Navy. On the newest Fed Gov Today TV, he says the Vision has gotten a lot of uptake in the department over the past year.



Financial Managers Welcome AI - New Tool, New Mindset:
Financial management practitioners all across the government are finding new ways to use AI to drive mission and to manage agency budgets better. One FM leader says AI is a change management issue, not a technology issue. Vinay Singh is the Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Joe Baptiste is Senior Manager for Technology Consulting at EY. They both were guests on the new Fed Gov Today special show “AI In Depth”. In this highlight of that show, Vinay explains why he believes A-I is a change management issue.

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