How Verizon and the IRS are Transforming Federal Agency CX

How Verizon and the IRS are Transforming Federal Agency CX

Stephen Sopko, Managing Client Partner at Verizon discussed the significant strides in customer experience (CX) improvement across federal agencies, highlighting the IRS's advancements. With the introduction of over 6000 customer service representatives post-Inflation Reduction Act, the focus was on efficiency in CX efforts, which Verizon has been instrumental in enhancing. Sopko detailed the implementation of innovative solutions like virtual callbacks and natural language IVR systems to manage high call volumes and improve constituent interactions. This transformative CX journey has garnered positive attention from Congress and is a testament to the success of Verizon's long-term partnership and technology integration with the IRS.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implementation of Customer-Centric Solutions: Verizon assisted the IRS in implementing a virtual callback system, reducing long wait times and significantly improving customer satisfaction.
    A proof of concept for a natural language interactive voice response (IVR) system was successfully introduced, making interactions almost as natural as human conversation.
  • Strategic Approach to CX Enhancements: Sopko emphasized the importance of adopting a cautious and measured approach to integrating new technology tools, ensuring they truly benefit constituents without compromising service quality.
  • Long-Term Partnership and Adaptability: The evolution of customer service in the IRS was described as a continual process, requiring an enduring partnership and the flexibility to make adjustments based on feedback and changing needs.

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