Charting a New Course in Government Technology: Key Insights from Federal CIO Clare Martorana


In two insightful conversations, Clare Martorana, Federal CIO, discusses the government's shift towards a Digital First strategy, both on "Fed Gov Today" and at the ACT-IAC ELC conference in 2023. She emphasizes the importance of a collaborative relationship between the government and private sector, focusing on creating seamless, secure digital experiences for the public. Martorana highlights the pivotal role of open-source tools like the US web design system and underscores the significance of human-centered policy design. The discussions also delve into the modernization of federal IT, the integration of AI, and the importance of feedback and participation from the private sector in shaping effective digital policies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Digital First Strategy: The government is focused on delivering digital-first public experiences, emphasizing the need for cohesive, user-friendly digital interfaces across federal agencies.
  2. Collaborative Government-Private Sector Relationship: Martorana stresses the importance of partnership between the government and private contractors, moving beyond a transactional relationship to one of mutual collaboration and innovation.
  3. Role of Open-Source Tools: The US web design system is highlighted as a critical open-source tool, enabling consistent digital interaction across government agencies and allowing private sector contributions.
  4. Human-Centered Policy Design: The approach to policy-making is centered around human needs, ensuring that the public's requirements and feedback shape the development and implementation of digital policies.
  5. AI and Cybersecurity Focus: There is a significant emphasis on the responsible use of AI, considering its transformative potential and associated risks. Cybersecurity underpins all digital initiatives, ensuring secure and private interactions for citizens and agencies alike.

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