Navigating Federal Technology and Collaboration for Future Success




The following interviews were recorded at the ACT-IAC Climate Change Summit

Enhancing Flexibility and Innovation at the Department of Energy

1516236226634Brian Epley, Deputy CIO at the Department of Energy, discussed the importance of flexible planning and dynamic partnerships during the ACT-IAC Climate Change Summit. Epley emphasized the need for partnerships that go beyond traditional one-to-one relationships, highlighting interactions with national labs and industry partners. He introduced the concept of 'fusion teams,' which integrate various partnership dynamics to adaptively and proactively address technological and security challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dynamic Partnerships: Emphasis on building diverse and multifaceted partnerships to enhance technological flexibility.
  2. Fusion Teams: Creation of collaborative teams that evolve to meet ongoing tech and security needs.
  3. Proactive Security and Data Management: Early integration of security and data considerations into projects to avoid future rework and complications.

Fostering Effective Cross-Agency Collaboration at NOAA

1517770899511Mark Osler, Senior Advisor for Coastal Inundation and Resilience at NOAA, discussed the challenges and strategies of cross-agency collaboration. He pointed out the effectiveness of collaboration that includes both top-down and bottom-up elements. Osler stressed the importance of recognizing complementary roles within partnerships, avoiding the pitfalls of territorial disputes among agencies, and focusing on shared goals.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Bottom-up and Top-down Collaboration: Successful collaborations incorporate both approaches to ensure engagement and effective execution.
  2. Value Chain Complementarity: Acknowledgment of each participant's unique contributions to avoid overreach and conflict.
  3. Strategic Reliance and Trust: Emphasizing the need for agencies to rely on one another’s expertise, transcending mere awareness and fostering deeper interdependence.



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