Transforming Federal Acquisition: AI Innovations & Workforce Evolution



Revolutionizing GSA Acquisition Through AI

Summary: Jeff Koses, Senior Procurement Executive at the General Services Administration (GSA), discusses the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in acquisition processes to alleviate the repetitive, low-value tasks faced by contracting officers. By automating tasks such as contract de-obligations, GSA has saved significant manpower, allowing personnel to focus on higher-value activities. Koses highlights the role of GSA in pioneering robotic process automation (RPA) and AI to transform federal acquisition, emphasizing the need for a workforce skilled in data management, visualization, and communication.

Key Takeaways:

  1. AI-Driven Efficiency: GSA's AI projects have streamlined processes, saving over 107,000 man-hours between FY22 and FY24, which translates into more time for impactful contracting work.
  2. Leadership in Innovation: Under Koses' guidance, GSA has been at the forefront of using AI and RPA to enhance acquisition, demonstrating a commitment to technological innovation and efficiency.
  3. Workforce Transformation: The shift towards AI necessitates a workforce adept in data analysis, visualization, and team leadership, indicating a significant evolution in the skills required for federal acquisition professionals.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation in Federal Acquisition

Summary: Joanie Newhart, Associate Administrator of Acquisition Workforce Programs at the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), highlights the role of OFPP in connecting various government agencies to share and leverage AI and other technological innovations in acquisition. She stresses the importance of a collaborative federal acquisition community, the shift towards commercial competency in certification programs, and the need for a curious and lifelong learning workforce to embrace new technologies and methodologies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Collaborative Innovation: OFPP acts as a hub for sharing acquisition innovations across government agencies, emphasizing the value of collaboration and shared solutions in the federal acquisition community.
  2. Certification and Skills Modernization: The transition to a competency-based certification program reflects a broader shift towards valuing data management, analysis skills, and continuous learning within the acquisition workforce.
  3. Emphasis on Lifelong Learning: The future of federal acquisition lies in recruiting and nurturing a workforce that is inherently curious, adaptable, and skilled in navigating and leveraging data-driven and AI-enhanced processes.

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