Transforming Public Service: The Human by Design Approach



Presented by Accenture Federal Services

1701783433628In a recent edition of the Fed Gov Today podcast, Michael Gavin, Managing Director, and Lauren Oliver, Principal Director for the Experience Practice for Accenture Federal Services discussed the evolution of human-centered design towards a more comprehensive approach known as "Human by Design." This concept emphasizes a human-first approach to experience transformation, focusing on designing technology, tools, products, services, and experiences with the end-user's interaction in mind. They argue against developing technology for its own sake and highlight the necessity of considering the human aspect in every stage of the design process to truly transform customer experience.

Lauren Oliver elaborated on the progression of human-centered design within federal organizations, noting significant advancements in its adoption and application. She stressed the importance of preventing human-centered design from becoming commoditized to ensure it continues to bring fresh insights and empathy to the user experience. By maintaining a focus on 1620828528349meaningful collaboration and co-creation, they aim to uncover deep insights that lead to impactful solutions and advancements in service delivery, ultimately improving trust and efficiency in government services.

The conversation also touched upon the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies like AI and spatial computing. Gavin and Oliver highlighted the importance of designing these technologies with a deep understanding of the user journey, ensuring accessibility, inclusivity, and trust. They emphasized the need for an enterprise-level approach in applying these technologies, suggesting that the government should focus on creating services that are inclusive and accessible to all, reflecting the diverse needs and backgrounds of the population. This approach aligns with the broader goals of the President's management agenda, aiming for a seamless, efficient, and trustworthy interaction between the government and the public, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience within the federal government.

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