NGA 5-Point Strategy | AI Ramp Up | Data Deluge at NSF


This edition of Fed Gov Today is sponsored by NVIDIA and Carahsoft.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will drive toward five strategic objectives. Those objectives (enhance operational readiness; attract and develop your workforce; build resiliency by strengthening partnerships; strengthen stewardship of GEOINT resources; accelerate technology acquisition and integration) will push the agency to what its Director, Vice Admiral Frank Whitworth, calls “a new mission and end state.” VADM Whitworth tells you what’s coming to meet each of those five objectives.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is just one agency that’s working on driving its use of artificial intelligence faster. You can learn more about what VA’s doing next week on the Fed Gov Today podcast. That acceleration will revolve around several pillars according to Rob Zuppert, Intelligence Community Lead at NVIDIA.

“Data as a strategic asset” is not a new term in the federal government. But the kinds of data agencies are tracking, collating, and using to make decisions is growing - fast. Dorothy Aronson, Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer at the National Science Foundation, describes how the nature of data management is changing at NSF, and how her technology infrastructure and workforce are changing with it.


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