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Boosting DHS Capabilities with AI Expert Infusion

IMG_1902Eric Hysen, CIO and Chief AI Officer at DHS, discusses the Department of Homeland Security's plan to significantly enhance its AI capabilities by bringing in over 50 AI experts into its new AI core. This initiative, aimed at transforming missions ranging from combating fentanyl trafficking to tackling online child exploitation, leverages new flexible hiring authorities to rapidly deploy talent across the department's high-priority initiatives.

Key Takeaways:

  1. AI Corps Formation: Aiming to leverage AI across various missions, DHS plans to hire 50 AI technologists using new hiring authorities to turbocharge initiatives.
  2. Rapid Hiring Process: Emphasizing speed, DHS is partnering with Chief Human Capital Officer Roland Edwards to expedite the hiring process, moving quickly to evaluate and onboard necessary talent.
  3. Flexible Deployment Model: Modeled after the US Digital Service, the AI core will be deployed flexibly across the department, allowing for agile response to emerging needs and priorities.

Emphasizing Radical Collaboration for AI Advancement

IMG_1921Gaurav Pal, CEO & Co-Founder of stackArmor
and Teresa Carlson, General Catalyst Advisor and Investor, discuss the necessity of "radical collaboration" between government and industry to accelerate AI deployment in mission-critical systems. They highlight the urgency of adopting AI technologies and the potential barriers such as fear and uncertainty that can be overcome through collaborative efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Radical Collaboration Concept: A unified effort between government and industry to rapidly deploy AI technologies in production, overcoming barriers and accelerating progress.
  2. Importance of Speed: Highlighting the rapid pace of AI development, stressing the need for government agencies to swiftly embrace AI to maintain security and efficiency.
  3. AI Authorization and Deployment: The discussion around creating a framework for AI Authorization to Operate (ATO), enabling quicker adoption of AI solutions in government operations.

Pioneering AI Exploration in Energy Department's Discovery Zone

IMG_1948Bridget Carper, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Architecture, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation, Department of Energy, outlines the Department of Energy's efforts in exploring AI use cases through the creation of a Discovery Zone. This initiative involves a working group of over 100 people from across the department and its laboratories, aiming to identify efficient and innovative AI applications to support the department's diverse missions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discovery Zone Initiative: A platform for exploring AI use cases across the Department of Energy, promoting innovation and efficiency in supporting its mission.
  2. Collaborative Model: The unique federated model of collaboration with national labs and other elements, fostering a creative and better approach to problem-solving.
  3. Evolution and Flexibility: Emphasizing the importance of scalability, flexibility, and security in AI architecture and tools, ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of AI applications in the department's operations.

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