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Empowering Federal Data Management

IMG_1988In this segment, Kirsten Dalboe, the Chief Data Officer at FERC and Chair of the Chief Data Officer's Council, discusses the transformative power of enterprise analytics in federal data management. Dalboe emphasizes the importance of data in society and how the Federal CDO Council's enterprise analytics paper aims to make data governance more engaging. Through examples and analogies, she illustrates the critical role of CDOs in fostering a data-driven culture within the government, highlighting the need for effective data management and IT strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprise analytics serves as a tool for CDOs to engage in crucial data governance discussions.
  • Successful analytics programs require clear data sourcing and governance.
  • Collaboration between CDOs and CIOs is essential for integrating data and IT strategies effectively.

Enhancing Customer Experience through Data

IMG_2012Andy Zeswitz, CTO at REI Systems, explores how federal agencies can leverage structured data to improve customer experience. He discusses the importance of mission-aligned data structuring, data governance, and the potential of AI in processing vast data volumes. Zeswitz highlights the critical role of Chief Data Officers in managing data and emphasizes the necessity of privacy considerations in government data usage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Structuring data around mission objectives is key to enhancing customer experience.
  • The evolution of the Chief Data Officer role is pivotal in managing and governing data.
  • Privacy and data protection are paramount in government data utilization.

Modernizing Marine Corps Information Operations

 IMG_1597-1LtGen Matthew Glavy, Deputy Commandant for Information, USMC discusses the Marine Corps' priorities in readiness, modernization, and leveraging data for operational success. He details the transformation of the Marine Corps' network into a hybrid cloud and the importance of command and control in military operations. Glavy emphasizes the need for a software-centric approach in hardware utilization and the critical role of space in future combat operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Network modernization and hybrid cloud adoption are crucial for operational readiness.
  • A focus on software over hardware will enhance operational capabilities.
  • Space will play a pivotal role in future Marine Corps operations.

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