Enabling Data For Mission Outcomes


Presented by Booz Allen

This special episode of Fed Gov Today was filmed on location at Booz Allen DE24 at the Helix, Booz Allen’s Center for Innovation 

Data-Driven Transformation in Federal Acquisition

IMG_2402Sagar Samant , ACIO Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) at GSA discusses the journey of integrating technology with security, data, and cloud services at FAS, GSA. The focus is on building a composable architecture that enhances business transformation. This architecture includes a CI/CD pipeline, API frameworks, and a crucial data layer for making informed decisions. Samant emphasizes the importance of commoditizing these technological layers to empower users with tools for efficiency and mission enablement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emphasis on a data-centric, security-integrated ecosystem for business transformation.
  • The importance of commoditizing technology layers to empower business users.
  • Creating a seamless environment for data-driven decision-making through layered technology integration.

AI's Impact on Healthcare and Climate: A Path Forward

IMG_2405John Larson, Executive Vice President & Catherine Ordun, Vice President, AI, Booz Allen explore the vast potential of AI in addressing global challenges such as healthcare costs and climate change. Highlighting a project with NIH on chronic cancer pain, they illustrate AI's role in creating multimodal models for patient care. Emphasizing AI's transformative nature, they advocate for problem-first innovation, a culture of risk-taking, and strategic technological investments.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI's potential in solving critical global issues, including healthcare and climate change.
  • The significance of adopting problem-first approaches and fostering a culture of innovation and risk-taking in AI development.
  • Ethical and responsible AI development, especially in sensitive sectors like healthcare.

Leveraging Data for Seamless Veteran Care

IMG_2418Joseph D'Auria, Director of Data Analytics at VA shares insights on using data to enhance veteran care at the VA. Focusing on federated enterprise and summit data platforms, D'Auria outlines efforts to provide seamless services to veterans, caregivers, and internal stakeholders. The strategic and tactical balance in managing data is highlighted as essential in treating data as a strategic asset and improving veteran experiences.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The role of federated data platforms in providing comprehensive and seamless care to veterans.
  • Strategic and tactical balance in data management to treat data as a strategic asset.
  • Preparing for the next phase of data utilization, focusing on ML and AI readiness through robust data management.

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